With the primary gateway to Tioman Island being Mersing Jetty, there are frequent weekend trips departing every Friday evening to Tioman Island from Singapore via a 3hours land transfer and another 3 hours of boat transfer. A liveaboard takes away all the hassle of exploring this tropical paradise. Made famous and popular by the movie, "South Pacific" in the 1970s, Tioman Island has stayed at the top of the list of tropical islands to visit in Southeast Asia by tourists since. 20 Km long and 12 Km wide, Tioman Island has eight main villages and numerous dive spots around the island. Sites in Tioman are not challenging, making it a perfect spot for dive courses to be conducted as well.

Liveaboard Singapore to Tioman Dive Itinerary

Day 1 - 18:00 Arrival at Marina Country Club & check-in to Mega Explorer LOB
- 19:00 Departure from Singapore to Tioman
- 20:00 Evening cocktail & dinner with overnight passage to Tioman
Day 2 0900 Breakfast
1000 1st dive(checkout)
1230 Lunch
1400 2nd dive
1530 Light snack
1600 3rd dive
1900 4th dive (night dive for certified divers)
2100 BBQ dinner
Day 3 0700 Coffee and light toast
0730 5th dive
0830 Breakfast
* Sail back to Singapore
1300 Lunch
1900 Dinner
2200 Arrive at Punggol Marina Country Club Pier 1

Package Details

2 nights accommodation onboard in Ensuite Cabin  Marine Park Fees RM35/pax
Port Fees of SGD30/pax
Up to 05 guided boat dives Dive Insurance is COMPULSORY
All daily meals, snacks, refreshments Dive gear rentals
All onboard entertainment facilities & amenities Satellite WiFi
Free flow of coffee, tea & drinking water Carbonated drinks, Alcoholic beverages
 Tanks, weights   -


Cabin Bed Type Twin Share Single Occupancy
Superior Ensuite   Single Bed x 02 859 1289
Deluxe Ensuite Single Bunk Bed x 02 979 1762
Stateroom Ensuite   King-Sized Bed x 01 1209 2418

*Non-Diver Rates at 10% off per pax


Liveaboard Tioman


Under the surface, the reef of Chebeh is composed of gigantic volcanic rocks creating magnificent swim throughs and tunnels. It also bears a gorgeous 21-meter deep cave filled with multi-hued schools of fish. Beautiful manta rays and magnificent whale sharks also visit the area in season. Chebeh is a famous dive site for spotting and diving with sharks.

Liveaboard Tioman Divesite Chebeh

Magicienne Rock

Magicienne Rock lives up to its name—magical. This dive site is one of the best places to dive in Tioman. The rock pinnacle rises from 8 meters below the surface. It is surrounded by magnificent coral plateaus, a habitat for manta rays, rainbow runner, barracudas, various equatorial reef species, and even whale sharks.


Liveaboard Tioman Divesite Magicienne Rock

Kador Bay

Kador Bay or Teluk Kador holds splendid corals and stunning marine life. Sea turtle and blacktip sharks are abundant in the area. It is also teeming with lobsters and moray eels. Drift diving is also possible in Kador Bay especially when there is current. This dive site can be enjoyed by beginners and advanced divers alike—its sandy bottom is around 22 meters deep. Its shallow coral garden is a site to behold—great for underwater photography as it can be reached by a good amount of sunlight.


Liveaboard Tioman Divesite

Sea Fan Canyon

Sea Fan Canyon houses enormous rocks covered by beautiful hard and soft corals. A narrow canyon full of huge sea fans can be found between two of the rocks here. Corals in this dive site are fragile, thus extra caution is needed to avoid damaging them. With an average depth of 22 meters and a maximum depth of 30 meters, this diving haven suits better advanced open water divers. Look closer to the rocks and you will see different species of nudibranchs and flatworms!


Liveaboard Tioman Divesite

Malang Rock

Malang Rock is one of the most famous dive sites in Tioman Island. Like Sea Fan Canyon, there are also huge rocks on this sites covered with beautiful corals. It is perfect for beginner divers as it is quite shallow. Pelagic fishes passing by can be seen on this area. It is also teeming with amazing marine life like hawksbill turtles, stingrays, and wrasses.


Liveaboard Tioman Divesite


Sepoy rock boasts clear, warm waters where you can encounter multi-colored tropical fish, soft and hard coral formations, and a myriad of sea critters—truly a sight to behold for marine life enthusiasts. Its panoramic underwater scene is perfect for underwater photography. Sepoi Rock’s underwater is covered in small and medium-sized boulders covered mainly of hard corals but with a good selection of soft corals. Sandy patches, a variety of smaller Gorgonian fans, and sea whips are found between the huge rocks. Waters are patrolled by oceanic barracuda waiting for opportune moments to feed. It is also abundant with blue spotted rays, batfish, and angelfish.


Liveaboard Tioman Divesite

Tiger Reef

Tiger reef is one of the highlights when diving in Tioman Island! This beautiful underwater pinnacle starts around 10 meters and going down to 22 meters deep. The current here can be pretty strong. Huge boulders covered with hard and soft corals, and barrel sponges can be seen in the area. Whale sharks also rove this dive site on the right season—so you better prep your underwater camera!


Liveaboard Tioman Divesite


Labas is a beautiful reef site teeming with gorgeous caverns and swim-throughs filled with different species of fish! Diving here is perfect for beginners as there are usually no current and the reef is quite shallow. Blacktip sharks, titan trigger fish, and moray eels are abundant in the area. Also one of the best places for underwater photography in Tioman!


Liveaboard Tioman Divesite


Soyak diving is perfect for beginners. It is also great for night diving! The current in this dive site varies from none to medium. The water here is crystal clear with an abundance of marine life such as sea turtles, barracudas, lionfish, and bumphead parrot fish. A great variety of nudibranchs are also scattered through the area—great for macro photographers!


Liveaboard Tioman Divesite

Marine Park Wreck

Marine Park is a home to eight beautiful wrecks, located just off the beach. The wrecks are covered with colorful corals and sea fans. They have become breeding grounds for different marine species through the years. These wrecks are all connected, so navigating them is very easy. Big shoals of fusiliers, trevallies and jacks can be seen around the wrecks. Inquisitive batfish are also present in the area—they will often follow you around! On deeper parts of the wreck, the mysterious stonefish and the intelligent octopi dwells!


Liveaboard Tioman Divesite


Renggis holds two Thai fishing wrecks at 20 meters deep. Green turtles and blacktip sharks are often spotted. This dive site boasts good visibility, making it great for macro photography. Nurse sharks, titan trigger, titan triggerfish, blue dotted stingray, yellow striped snapper, and yellowtail fusilier are marine critters to look out for in the area. This site is also great for night diving and wreck diving.


Liveaboard Tioman Divesite

Bahara Rock

Bahara Rocks is located on the southwest corner of Tioman Island. This dive site is gorgeous wall of pelagic fishes and colorful reef species. It is sometimes classified as a drift diving destination. Titan triggerfish, yellow striped snapper, yellowtail fusilier, and blue-dotted stingrays are abundant in Bahara.


Liveaboard Tioman Divesite


Jahat is a spectacular rocky dive site which literally translates to naughty island. It is known for its playful currents, making it an ideal drift dive site. Its currents are responsible for pelagic fishes in the area. Expect to see schools of jack-fishes and barracudas, to reef sharks and titan trigger-fishes circling Jahat’s waters. This site is also surrounded by large boulders—creating tunnels and corridors underwater, making it an adventure spot for divers. The corals of Jahat are also flourishing—enveloping the boulders underwater!


Liveaboard Tioman Divesite

Tioman Island Dive Season 

The dive season in Tioman Island starts from March and ends in November typically.

Travelers and divers are advised to not visit during the monsoon season as waves can get really high and it could be extremely dangerous.

Getting to Tioman Island

On a typical weekend, the liveaboard will depart on Friday evening and back in Singapore by Sunday night.

Less the hassle of clearing Singapore and Malaysia customs and immigration checkpoints, less the hassle of carrying your dive gears and luggage. Imagine a sumptuous dinner upon boarding the boat, and a restful sleep during the night crossing via the liveaboard, with the waves lapping against the hull of the boat.